Mon, 23 Oct 2017 - 11:39
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Visiting Eryldene Historic House and Sunset Soaring Club


This weekend Paul visited the Sunset Soaring Club in Wahroonga and the Eryldene Historic House in Gordon. Both of these community organisations were the recipients of a grant under the Turnbull Government’s Stronger Communities Programme. This programme is a government initiative which provides dollar-for-dollar assistance, up to the value of $20,000, to community organisations to undertake capital works projects which benefit the community as a whole.

Sunset Soaring Club is a radio-controlled flying club that flies at Golden Jubilee Oval in Wahroonga. Operating for over thirty years, the club encourages anyone with an interest in flying radio-controlled aircraft to get involved and meet people with like-minded interests. With a substantial fundraising effort from its members, the club secured a grant from the programme to build a storage facility for their equipment, allowing the club to grow in size.

The Eryldene Trust is charged with maintaining the Eryldene Historic House in Gordon, the most intact surviving example of the work of William Hardy Wilson, the prominent early twentieth century Australian architect. In recent years, the roof of the house has required repairs in order to prevent water damage to the inside of the house. Through fundraising, and a Stronger Communities Grant, the Eryldene Trust and the Eryldene Foundation were able to repair the roof, ensuring that future generations can experience all that Eryldene has to offer.