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Jewish children are left deflated - Daily Telegraph

A western Sydney business has come under fire for refusing to lease a jumping castle to a well-known Jewish school, with the owner then boasting about her decision on social media.

Instagram posts by Western Sydney Jump, shared by the Australian Jewish Association, appear to show the business reacting to an email requesting a quote for services from St Ives’ Masada College, an independent Jewish school.

In it, the business’s owner and founder Tanya Issa responds: “There’s no way I’m taking a Zionist booking”.

“I don’t want your blood money. Free Palestine,” she said, in messages which were shared on the Western Sydney Jump Instagram page.

She added: “I have owned my business for 10 years. I have the right to decline any booking at anytime”.

Premier Chris Minns called the decision by the business owner “outrageous”.

“It’s not in keeping with any part of our multicultural community. I condemn it completely. This must be investigated by federal and state authorities,” he said.

Bradfield MP Paul Fletcher, whose electorate covers the St Ives school, also blasted the business.

“I am extremely disappointed by the way this business has responded,” he said.

“Masada College is a remarkable school who contribute immensely to my local community.

“Racism has no place in our country and this behaviour should be condemned.”

Coalition home affairs spokesman James Paterson said the owner should “hang their head in shame” for discriminating against children.

“This is deeply shocking dis- crimination against innocent children which is utterly unacceptable in Australia,“ Mr Paterson said. “It’s very sad that someone in Australia wants to blame school students for events 12,000km away purely based on their religion.

“The owner should hang their head in shame and do the decent thing and apologise.

Australian Jewish Association President Dave Adler said it was a case of discrimination against Jewish people.

“At face value it does seem to be a commercial act of discrimination against a Jewish school,’’ he said.

“(The owner) should take legal advice because discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, is in breach of both federal and state laws.

AJA CEO Robert Gregory added: “We find it atrocious in 2023 that Jewish children would be refused service by a jumping castle business.

“It’s starting to feel like the 1930s here.’’

Western Sydney Jump was contacted for comment.

Its Instagram page appeared to be taken offline on Tuesday.


Author: Lachlan Leeming and Angira Bharadwaj

This article appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 15 November 2023