Wed, 06 Feb 2019 - 21:52
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Waitara Community Meeting


I hosted a Community Meeting at Waitara Magpies, attended by around eighty Bradfield constituents.  I began with a report to the meeting on the priorities we are pursuing in Canberra, including employment (with 1.2 million jobs created since we came to government) and keeping the budget strong so we can fund the services Australians rely on such as Medicare and social security. During a lively Q&A session, quite a number of topics came up including the high price of energy and concerns about the reliability of the energy network; the need for more investment in rail (I mentioned our $9.4 billion commitment to Inland Rail and our $20 million program to fund business cases under the Faster Rail program); the need for more bike paths; as well as some local development issues. 

These meetings are very helpful to me in understanding the priorities and concerns of my constituents – and I really appreciate the effort made by so many to come along and participate. 

I hold these meetings regularly so look out for notifications on social media and my website if you are interested in coming along.