Wed, 10 Nov 2010 - 23:00
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November 11 – a day to pause and reflect

“November 11 is a time to pause, to reflect and give thanks for the millions of Australian and allied servicemen and women who gave so much in World War I,” said Paul Fletcher, Member for Bradfield.

“Of course, we also honour those who have served Australia in all armed conflicts,” Mr Fletcher said.

Speaking after attending the Remembrance ceremony at Roseville Memorial Club, Mr Fletcher said it was particularly moving to see the number of local school students attending the ceremony.

“In the horrific conflict that ended ninety two years ago, Australia paid a very heavy price, including over 61,000 dead out of a population of only five million – and many of those who served, including those killed and injured, were barely older than the school students attending the ceremony today.

“Let us hope that their generation is spared the need to shoulder such a heavy burden.

“We must keep alive the memory of World War I, and the sacrifices made by so many millions of ordinary people around the world – in the hope that this memory helps the world to avoid such a catastrophic conflict in the future.”

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