Wed, 31 Mar 2010 - 22:00

Military Veterans Honoured By Paul

Four Bradfield residents were honoured for their service in the Australian Defence Forces in a ceremony held today at Roseville Memorial Club.

“I was honoured and delighted to present the Australian Defence Medal to four distinguished Australians,” said Paul Fletcher MP, Federal Member for Bradfield.

Mrs Audrey Long, Mr Patrick Martin, Mr Ian Creighton and Mr Kevin Shanahan received medals in the ceremony.

Major Kate Rogers of the Australian Defence Forces joined Mr Fletcher in making the presentations.

The Australian Defence Medal was instituted in 2006, and is awarded to all Australians who served in the Australian Defence Forces after World War II, who served either four years or their initial enlistment period.

“Each of the four local residents honoured today answered our nation’s call between 1950 and 1960.  This was a time when the threat of war seemed very real – coming so shortly after World War II, and at a time when there was great political disruption throughout Asia,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The ethos of service and sacrifice that today’s recipients personify is an inspiration to us all.” Mr Fletcher said.

“I began service in the Defence Forces while I was going through my teacher training,” said Mr Ian Creighton.  “We were using equipment that survived World War II…waiting in storage – in many cases it was still brand new.

“In those days it was expected that you would serve – and we did.

“It is gratifying that our service has been acknowledged after all these years.”

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