Thu, 23 Sep 2021 - 14:13
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Launceston leading the way in education innovation

Students in the greater Launceston region are now leading the nation with 600 new innovative Internet of Things (IoT) education kits delivered to 40 state, independent and catholic schools with grades 3-6.

Launceston business Bitlink developed the IoT education kits in conjunction with schools in the region.

The IoT in Schools education kit was delivered through the Office of the Coordinator-General, with the support of the Commonwealth under the Greater Launceston Transformation Project, which is funded as part of the Launceston City Deal.

More information on the Launceston City Deal is available at:


Quotes attributable to Federal Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP:

“This initiative is one of many being delivered under the $536 million Launceston City Deal, which is helping to position Launceston as a vibrant, liveable and innovative regional city.

“The IoT program will have a significant impact on students across the region, inspiring our next generation of technology and start up entrepreneurs and preparing them for careers and future studies in STEAM.”

Quotes attributable to Tasmanian Minister for State Growth, the Hon Roger Jaensch MP:

“IoT is a great example of the approach underpinning the Launceston City Deal – that investment in infrastructure and initiatives, whether civil, education or defence, is an important part of making Launceston Australia’s most liveable and innovative city.”

“The program is a truly nation-leading initiative that will prepare students for the industries of tomorrow and is already delivering outstanding results for students who have previously struggled with technology.”

Quotes attributable to Tasmanian Education Minister, the Hon Sarah Courtney MP:

“Education is the single most powerful driver for improving economic and social outcomes in Tasmania, and technology plays an incredible role in providing students with the tools to learn.”

“By starting at a young age, the IoT in Schools program will assist with learning as well as ensuring pupils are more IT aware.  This also has the opportunity to help them on the early path to some exciting careers that will be major employers when they finish their schooling.”

 Quotes attributable to Federal Member for Bass, Bridget Archer MP:

 “The IoT kits are a remarkable resource for students in the greater Launceston region.

“I look forward to seeing the positive outcomes they will have for students and the flow-on benefits to the Launceston community thanks to the educational boost.”


Quotes attributable to City of Launceston Mayor, Albert van Zetten:

“I am delighted to see school children embracing IoT technology in new and innovative ways.

“It's particularly exciting to see our children here in Launceston able to start their journey into STEAM education.

“Through the IoT program, our younger generations will have the opportunity to develop their skills and help Launceston achieve its goals of becoming a city of innovation.”