Wed, 15 Dec 2010 - 15:45
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Fletcher demands action from Gillard after Orgill inquiry confirms waste at Gordon East Public School

Gordon East Public School’s BER project ‘fails the value for money assessment’ according to the Building the Education Revolution Implementation Taskforce: First Report issued today. The Report awarded the project 0 out of 10 for cost, noting that it fails the assessment “as a result of very high costs.”

“This matter was first raised with me early this year. Parents wondered why for nearly $2 million the school was to receive only four classrooms,” said Member for Bradfield Paul Fletcher.

“Accordingly, in March this year I asked a question in Parliament of then Education Minister Julia Gillard.

“To my amazement, she responded with personal abuse, calling me an ‘idiot’ and recommending I apologise to the Principal of the school for raising the matter in Parliament.

“I thought that this was a very poor way to deal with a serious question about value for money.

“Today we learn that Ms Gillard’s own hand picked taskforce could not avoid the obvious conclusion – at nearly $2 million for four classrooms, taxpayers have been ripped off badly.

“It is very troubling that Labor fought so hard to resist scrutiny of the BER program – particularly when, today’s report confirms, there were very serious problems with the program.

“Taxpayers have a right to expect that when a government spends their money, it will take care to get value for money. Today’s report confirms that no such care was taken.

“From my discussions today, I know parents at Gordon East have this question: what happens next?

“In other words, it is all very well that the Taskforce has confirmed what was long suspected: this school has been ripped off.

“But what does Julia Gillard plan to do about it?”