Mon, 16 May 2011 - 13:32
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Federal Shadow Health Minister tours Hornsby Hospital at invitation of Paul Fletcher, Member for Bradfield


Federal Shadow Minister for Health the Hon Peter Dutton today visited Hornsby Hospital,accompanied by Dr Richard Harris, Chair of the Hornsby Hospital Medical Staff Council, Mr Paul Fletcher, Federal Member for Bradfield, and Mr Matt Kean, State Member for Hornsby.


“The medical and other staff at Hornsby Hospital do wonderful work in very difficult physical conditions.

“Unfortunately,undersixteen years of state Labor, Hornsby Hospital was sadly neglected.

“State Labor did not even bother to include Hornsby Hospital within its funding application for support under the federal Health and Hospitals Fund.

“Pleasingly, the incoming NSW Liberal Government has committed $50 million towards Hornsby Hospital. 

“Mr Matt Kean, newly elected state Liberal member for Hornsby, was instrumental in securing this important commitment– whichis an important step on the journey towards the full renewal of Hornsby Hospital.

“Although capital funding of hospitals is a state responsibility, it is important that the renewal task at Hornsby Hospital has visibility atfederal level.

“That is why I have asked federal shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton to visit the hospital,so that he can see for himself how this hospital compares to others around the country.

“It is my job to be an advocate for our local needs at the federal level, and I will continue to do that in relation to Hornsby Hospital,” Mr Fletcher concluded.