Thu, 15 Oct 2009 - 14:25
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Paul's Blog: Office Opening

It’s exciting to have our Campaign Office officially open for business.  We have a great location on the Pacific Highway and near the Lindfield Railway Station.  Have a look at the ribbon cutting video on this website.

People are already dropping into the office to say hello and have a chat.  I really enjoy listening to people’s views and discussing what we can do to fix the problems in the community.

We’re getting some good feedback about the survey we’ve sent across the electorate.  Not surprisingly, over-development is one of the top issues.  It really has people fired up and you can understand why when you see how the heritage and character of this community is being destroyed.  It’s time to put planning back in the local hands and I’ll be joining with the NSW Liberals to stand up for this community against Labor’s planning laws.

Health of course is always a concern, particularly with the threat to private health insurance thanks to the Rudd Government.  At the same time, our local public hospitals are struggling to cope.  Labor’s policy will only make the situation worse so what will happen to Hornsby Hospital then?

If there are other issues which you believe need addressing, let me know by dropping into our Campaign Office, or leave a comment on this website.

Looking forward to spending the weekend with my family and attending a number of functions in Bradfield.

Click here to watch the video.