Tue, 06 Oct 2009 - 10:22
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Paul's Blog: A great long weekend

Enjoyed the long weekend, even with all the rain. It gave Manuela and I some time for house-hunting which is going very well. Looking forward to choosing a place very soon. It was also good to spend time with the family and meet people around the electorate. Thanks to everyone who said hello at the Hornsby shops on Saturday morning.

This week I’ll be meeting a lot of the community groups and some of our more senior members at the local retirement villages. One of the issues I’ll be discussing with them is what we can do to improve our local health service. I was appalled to read in the North Shore Times the latest funding problems at the Hornsby Hospital. I remember Kevin Rudd saying the ‘buck will stop with me’ on hospitals during the last election. What’s happened? It’s time to stand up and say this is not good enough. Labor at a Federal and state level is destroying our public hospitals and leaving our communities, particularly the elderly, without the quality health services they deserve.

On a more positive note, it was great to have Malcolm Turnbull join me in Turramurra last Friday. We met Dom Wormald at his hardware store, who had plenty to say about the cost of red tape to small business.

It’s been a hectic week since the pre-selection but I’m really enjoying it. The campaign office is open in Lindfield, so I encourage people to drop in and say hello. Look forward to seeing you there.