Sat, 08 Sep 2018 - 12:28
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Leadership Spill

I've recently been contacted by a number of constituents regarding the recent change in the leadership of the federal Parliamentary Liberal Party.

Any change of this nature is unsettling.

The proposal to change our existing leadership team certainly came as a surprise to me – and I voted against it at both of the Liberal Party Room meetings held to consider the matter.

But ultimately the leadership of the Liberal Party is determined through a democratic process – and once the Party Room made its decision for change, I was pleased to vote for two outstanding candidates, Scott Morrison as our leader and Josh Frydenberg as deputy.

This change sees the mantle of leadership pass to the next generation.

I am proud to have served for three years as a Minister in the Turnbull Government. Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister and Julie Bishop as Deputy Leader and Foreign Minister gave outstanding service to the Liberal Party and to Australia.

Now we have a strong new team.

In his first public appearance Prime Minister Morrison sent a very clear message to the Australian people about the priorities of the Morrison Government: “I am on your side and my Government is on your side.”

In my case, I have a particular opportunity to put these words into action, having been appointed as Minister for Families and Social Services in the Morrison Government - a portfolio which serves millions of Australians.

It is unfortunate that recent events have been a distraction from our responsibilities as a government.

But now, the Morrison Government has its focus firmly where it needs to be – on serving the Australian people.