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Climate Change

The Liberal National Government aims to meet our international commitments on emission reduction while at the same time maintaining energy security and affordability. We have a strong record of meeting and beating our climate change targets, improving the environment and playing our part internationally. Australia’s emissions per capita and per unit of GDP are currently at their lowest level in 27 years. We are on track to beat our 2020 target of 5% below 2000 levels by 224 million tonnes. This is quite a contrast to the 755 million tonnes by which Labor was estimated in 2012 to miss the target.

Australia has also ratified the Paris Agreement (the Agreement) on climate change, we look forward to actively and fully implementing our obligations and commitments under the agreement. The Agreement has been ratified by over 100 countries which account for 71 per cent of the World’s emissions, 75 per cent of the World’s GDP and 85 per cent of Australia's two-way trade. This is a strong, ambitious and responsible target. It will see Australia’s emissions per person halve and the emissions intensity of our economy reduce by two-thirds. These are among the biggest reductions among major economies internationally.

There is every reason to be confident that Australia will meet the emissions requirement of the Paris Agreement. At the same time, our policies will be consistent with our emphasis on affordable and reliable energy. Our focus is on ensuring there is reliable, baseload power, whilst also backing investment in new generation and technology. This means all types of energy will be included in the mix: coal, gas, hydro and biomass, as well as renewables such as wind, solar and hydro.