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This morning The Australian ran a story headed“Abbott blasts industry super funds‘gravy train’”, citing comments by Tony Abbott about union officials sitting on industry superannuation fund boards.  The article also reported commentsabout this issuein theCoalition Party Room,by me and my colleague Jamie Briggs, Member for Mayo.

 I've been forwarded an item written by Michael Wyre on his blog headed, 'Should we believe the Opposition on Broadband.'  Michael says I have changed my views on NBN, and cites a recent speech where I said things he thinks are inconsistent with my 2009 book Wired Brown Land.

Last week the Gillard Government made life a whole lot harder for all those Australians who make the effort to set aside some money to provide for the cost of their health care – passing legislation which will increase premiums for private health insurance and reduce the availability of tax rebates.

The Rudd Government’s disastrously mismanaged Home Insulation Program was abruptly halted nearly two years ago. But many Australians are still feeling the impact of this poorly conceived and appallingly executed program. I see the evidence of this in my electorate every day.


 New rules are making it difficult and expensive for experienced nurses to return to the workforce after a period of absence.

This has become clear to me following two nurses in Bradfield contacting me about their situation. In one case, an experienced registered nurse left the work force to look after children.  After a break of more than five years, she was told that to requalify she would have to undertake a course run by a private college in Sydney at a cost of $10,000.  This expense was prohibitive for my constituent.



Saturday, 19 November 2011 01:00

Obama visit

This week’s visit to Parliament House by US President Barack Obama was a very special occasion.

Personally, I do not think Obama is doing a particularly good job as President.  But like every other member of the Australian Parliament, I nevertheless felt it was a unique privilege to be in the Parliament to witness a visit from a US President.

Recently the government announced the creation of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, but there is a certain inconsistency in the successive announcements as to what it is actually going to do. On 10 July we were told that it would:

… invest $10 billion in businesses seeking funds to get innovative clean energy proposals and technologies off the ground.

Monday, 17 October 2011 09:53

Superannuation and the Union Movemement

We have heard a lot from the Labor government, and from the Assistant Treasurer in particular, about reforms to the superannuation system. Some of the reforms recently announced are clearly sensible and uncontentious, such as improving paper flow and streamlining the back office.

Listening to Julia Gillard speaking about her Malaysian people swap deal over the last few days, in Parliament and outside, has been truly remarkable.

A claim we hear repeatedly from Stephen Conroy and Labor Parliamentarians is that the Coalition had eighteen failed broadband plans.

For example, on 25 June 2008 Conroy put out a media release headed ‘National Broadband Network jeopardised by Opposition Vandalism’, in which he stated: “During its 11 years in office, the previous Government presided over 18 failed broadband plans.’

He repeated this claim in a media release dated 30 March 2010, headed ‘Coalition opposes high speed broadband.’

The same claim is trotted out by Labor backbenchers: for example in a blog posted by Michelle Rowland posted on the ALP website on 17 February 2011.

So if they say it so often, it must be true, right?

Actually, no: it’s not an accurate statement.

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