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Thursday, 20 December 2012 00:00

Twisted Wire Podcast: What's wrong with the NBN

Paul recently appeared on ZDNet's podcast Twisted Wire with Phil Dobbie and spoke on the negative aspects of the NBN, after speaking about the positive aspects on the Broadband Network.

You can listen to the podcast here.

‘The threads woven by volunteers are so important to strengthen the fabric of our society’, Paul Fletcher Member for Bradfield said today, as he announced the winners of the National Volunteer Awards in Bradfield.

‘The National Volunteer Awards Program is a way to recognise the wonderful work of our volunteers in Bradfield’.

‘I welcome this week’s announcement by Australia Post that the new Community Postal Agency in Taylor’s Pharmacy in Turramurra is now open.’ said Member for Bradfield Paul Fletcher.

Thursday, 13 December 2012 00:00

Twisted Wire Podcast: What's great about the NBN

Paul recently appeared on ZDNet's podcast Twisted Wire with Phil Dobbie and spoke on the positive aspects of the NBN, ahead of the podcast outlining the negatives to come out next week.

You can listen to the podcast here.

IN April 2009, the Rudd-Gillard government announced its plans to build the National Broadband Network. The fibre optic network is supposed to pass 12.2 million premises around Australia by 2021. More than three years later, as at June 30, 2012, it had passed just 38,914 less than one third of 1 per cent towards the finish line.

WHEN the Liberal member for Bradfield, Paul Fletcher, and his group of Coalition MPs were preparing their discussion paper on ways to improve online safety for children - released by Tony Abbott on Friday- they came upon a Perth school principal who'd had to sort out a Facebook dispute between two six-year-olds.

TEACHERS have been forced to break up Facebook fights between kids as young as six while some teenagers are secretly running two Facebook accounts so they can keep one hidden from mum and dad. And parents say the explosion
in the number of internet enabled devices in the home makes them feel like they are running the IT department of a small company, according to research by the federal Opposition.

Today’s release of the Coalition’s Discussion Paper on Enhancing Online Safety for Children is an important milestone towards making the internet safer for Australian children, Paul Fletcher Federal Member for Bradfield and Chairman of the Coalition’s Online Safety Working Group said today.

Federal Member for Bradfield Paul Fletcher has written to Australia Post’s CEO Ahmed Fahour calling for the community postal agency in Turramurra to be urgently re-established.

‘My office was informed late on Friday afternoon that the community postal agency in Turramurra had been closed with immediate effect. This is the facility established in early 2011 after Australia Post abruptly closed the Rohini Street Post Office,’ Mr Fletcher said.

Stephen Conroy has finally abandoned his unworkable policy of a mandatory internet filter that would block the content available to users – both adults and children -  in a number of categories. 

But it’s taken him five years to admit reality – and in that time a lot of the real issues regarding online safety for children have been ignored. 

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