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From Communicatiions Day, 15/10/14 by Richard van der Draay

Atlassian co-founder and CEO Scott Farquhar has called for Sydney to be turned into a tech startup hub, as well as for a greater general government focus on technological skills, particularly software, in the classroom. Parliamentary secretary to the Communications minister Paul Fletcher, hosting Farquhar’s JJC Bradfield Institute lecture in Sydney, expanded on the Commonwealth’s current direction in the startup space – and shortly afterwards, the government also announced the launch of a new innovation strategy.

From the Australian Financial Review, 15/10/14 by Paul Smith

Australian technology entrepreneurs have said changes to the tax treatment of employee share options, greater investment in science skills and loosening of restrictions on using workers imported on 457 skilled migrant visas, would help level the playing field for startups trying to compete on the global stage.


Welcome everyone, and thanks to Paul Fletcher for inviting me to speak today. I wanted to share that opening video because it highlights how software is changing 4 different industries – medicine, education, automotive and emergency services.

Today I will make the case that software will profoundly affect not just these 4 industries, but every area of our lives. I’ll argue that this presents both a threat to our current standard of living, but more importantly an opportunity for Australia. Finally, I’d like to make some suggestions for how the government can best prepare for this change.


From the Sydney Morning Herald, 14/10/14 by Andrew Colley

Australian technology innovators should have access to superannuation funds: Scott Farquhar

"It is another disincentive to stay in Australia if you have a tech sector start-up.": Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar.

From ComputerWorld, by Adam Bender 14/10/14

Atlassian CEO on why startups want to leave Australia

"If we were starting Atlassian today, I think that Mike and I wouldn’t have stayed here,” says Scott Farquhar.

From BRW 14/10/14 by Jessica Sier:

Atlassian’s Scott Farquhar on share options and the ‘brain-dead’ things Australia does to start-ups

On the eve of the government announcing a reversal of the current employee share scheme system, leading technology entrepreneur and Atlassian co-founder has warned the current taxing of employee equity is forcing workers overseas.


Thank you Scott for one of the most inspiring presentations I’ve heard for some time. My first question, quickly, is a flippant one to you, and then a more serious one to Paul. How quickly would you see lawyers being replaced …and Paul how quickly can you get a copy of this presentation to your Cabinet colleagues? 


Unfortunately, it’s weird, I think that doctors are going to be replaced before gardeners are, because there’s so much money in getting that particular thing right and then, you know in a medical centre, before it is worthwhile to get your lawn fixed up. By that same value equation maybe lawyers would be down the list with things that we wouldn’t bother eliminating.

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to comment on the JJC Bradfield Lecture by Scott Farquhar.

At the outset, I want to congratulate Scott for an insightful and exceptionally well informed lecture. Scott is in an extraordinary position to speak about the software revolution and Australia’s place in it, and it really showed.

Mobile phone black spots in the Lyne electorate have been put in the spotlight today with the Federal Member for Lyne, Dr David Gillespie and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, Paul Fletcher MP, hosting a community forum in Wauchope.

Mr Fletcher is responsible for implementing the Government’s $100 million Mobile Black Spot Programme, which will improve mobile coverage along major transport routes, in small communities and in locations prone to experiencing natural disasters, as well as addressing unique mobile coverage problems such as areas with high seasonal demand.

Authorised by Paul Fletcher MP, Level 2, 280 Pacific Highway Lindfield NSW 2070.

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