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Reporter: Paul and Malcolm can you go back to the e safety legislation how exactly will it work can you give us some specificities about it?

Paul Fletcher MP: A couple of key ideas firstly the establishment of a Children’s E-Safety Commissioner to take the lead at federal government  level to take measures to enhance online safety for children and secondly a complaints system backed by legislation under which harmful cyber bullying material that is targeted at an Australian child can be removed if it’s on one of the large social media sites.

 The Abbott Government will deliver on its election commitment to appoint a Children’s e-Safety Commissioner, and is preparing legislation to enhance online safety for children to be ready for introduction to Parliament by the end of the year.


Federal Member for Bradfield, Paul Fletcher, today congratulated Asquith Girls High School on being the New South Wales secondary school runner-up in this year’s Anzac Day Schools’ Awards.

Monday, 15 September 2014 00:00

Cyber bullies face new crackdown

Senator Abetz has today received a petition signed by almost 49,000 people on behalf of the friends and family of Tasmanian teenage bullying victim Chloe Fergusson.

Member for Bradfield, Paul Fletcher MP said he was delighted that 15 students from his electorate were today named as winners of the Australian Student Prize.

HOST: And with me on the program this Monday morning now, the Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh and also the Parliamentary Secretary for Communications Paul Fletcher. Paul Fletcher, first to you, you’ve heard what Senator Xenophon had to say and his proposal, what is the government’s position on this?

PAUL FLETCHER: Well good morning, Kieran. The government’s position in relation to the Emissions Reduction Fund has consistently been that it’s in relation to domestic expenditure. So that point was made very clear for example in the white paper that was issued earlier this year. Now I think we heard Senator Xenophon there say that he’s put forward a proposal. He’s been in discussions with the Environment Minister Greg Hunt, as you’d expect. The Environment Minister Greg Hunt is in discussions with a range of independent senators, as you’d expect when we have a policy, and legislation we want to get through the Senate, which is directed towards achieving that 5% reduction target, achieving a reduction by 2020 on the 2000 levels of emissions in Australia, and our policy instrument to achieve that is the Direct Action policy. We’ve consistently advocated and pursued that policy for several years, two elections, and we are now obviously working to get the legislation through the Senate.

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