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One in five young Australians aged eight to seventeen experiences cyber-bullying each year, according to new research commissioned by the Abbott Government and released today by Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher MP at the National Centre Against Bullying conference.

Ross Greenwood: Let’s go to the important input into the National Broadband Network, this is a key report that’s been put out, commissioned by the Communications Minister that tries to look at the performance of the National Broadband Network.  Now everybody is well aware of course of the original cost of the National Broadband Network according to the Labor Party was going to be $43 billion, it was to be off the Government’s balance sheet, in other words it would not appear in the budget. The idea from the Labor Party, that time in Government, was that the National Broadband Network would provide a fibre right into your home.

Key resources to help protect young Australians against the threat of cyber-bullying are being provided with the launch of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Digital Citizens Update, one year on from the launch of the Cybersmart Citizens portal.

Paul Fletcher MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, has issued a reminder that next week is the last chance for people to nominate locations for the Abbott Government’s $100 million Mobile Black Spot Programme. Final nominations of eligible black spots are due by 5pm on Friday the 1st of August and can be made by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NBN Co today launched its new satellite support scheme, which will deliver broadband services to Australia’s most remote premises.

Federal Member for Bradfield Paul Fletcher today encouraged local university students to enter The Speaker’s University Challenge, where students are asked to explore the topic: ‘Freedom of speech in a modern day democracy’.

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ABC Lateline Friday Forum, July 4 2014

HOST: Earlier tonight I was joined from Adelaide by the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Labor’s Nick Champion, and in Sydney, the Coalition’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications. Gentlemen welcome.



HOST: Now there is a meeting in Cairns today looking at the problem, and it is a difficult problem in this part of the world, of mobile phone black spots, we live in an area with lots of nooks and crannies, high ground, valleys in between, very difficult to provide any form of radio or TV or communication service where the standard of coverage is uniformly high right across the region there are little areas where it doesn’t quite get in or up to a reasonable standard and those are called black spots, and there have been various initiatives over the years to try and address that in terms of mobile phone coverage, and yet another one today, a meeting with local federal member Warren Enstch and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister of Communications, his name is Paul Fletcher, it wasn’t open to the public, but certainly people with an interest in the field were invited to attend and discuss how it could be addressed and how federal money and money coming from the communications industry could applied to do something about this issue. Paul Fletcher and Warren Entsch.

Mobile phone black spots in Leichhardt have come under the spotlight today with Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch hosting a roundtable for key community representatives with Paul Fletcher MP, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications.

While the previous government spent lavishly on its planned national broadband network, it paid no attention to regional and remote mobile coverage. Not one dollar of public funding was allocated  for improved mobile services, despite repeated calls for action from country Australians.

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