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A COMPETITIVE selection process for mobile blackspot funding will begin within weeks.

That’s according to Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher, who was in the Bega Valley on Wednesday to hear from local organisations about their concerns over mobile phone coverage.

THE construction of the NBNCo’s satellite ground station at Wolumla is all but complete, with the facility now entering the testing phase.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher and Member for Eden-Monaro Peter Hendy were given a guided tour of the facility on Wednesday.

HOST 1: Federal MP, Paul Fletcher, Secretary to Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull is in our patch this week. Tomorrow in fact, he will be meeting with local emergency service groups and local businesses also be talking about the federal government's $100 million program which will be something of a competitive selection process for local governments. I’m very pleased to say that Paul Fletcher is on the line for a bit of a chat. Paul, thanks so much for your time.

Paul Fletcher: Good Morning Sophie, pleased to be with you. 

Federal Member for Eden-Monaro, Dr Peter Hendy MP, will today welcome Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP to the Bega Valley to visit the Wolumla NBN satellite ground station.

The Wolumla satellite ground station is one of ten critical pieces of infrastructure built in remote and regional Australia for the Long Term Satellite Service.

“The Wolumla satellite ground station is an important step towards completing the satellite service and bringing fast broadband to regional and remote communities,” Dr Hendy said.

Federal Member for Eden-Monaro, Dr Peter Hendy MP, will today welcome Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP to the Bega Valley for a round table discussion on mobile phone coverage in the Bega Valley.

Mr Fletcher is responsible for implementing the Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme – a $100 million investment to improve mobile phone coverage in outer metro, regional and remote Australia.

With more than 2,200 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel deployed overseas on operations Australians are being asked to spare a thought for our troops who won’t be able to spend Christmas with their families and friends.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 00:00

Nominate Now for 2015 National Youth Awards

Member for Bradfield, Mr Paul Fletcher, is encouraging young people in Bradfield to nominate for the 2015 National Youth Awards.

Host: There’s good news for parents worried about their children being bullied online. Parliamentary secretary for communications Paul Fletcher has revealed the government’s new cyber bullying laws which he has designed and they will put social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on sort of a monitoring plan which will be the first plan on cracking down on online trolling, and I am glad to say that Paul Fletcher is on the line. Good evening.

Paul: Hello Miranda.

Host: So just in a nutshell, tell us how this system will work from a parent’s point of view.

Paul: Well we took a policy to the 2013 election to enhance online safety for the children, and one of the key elements of it was that we said that we will have a complaints system backed by legislation to get harmful material targeted at Australian children down fast from large social media sites.

Host: Now we’ve heard reports for some time about telecommunications problems throughout Blinman and also Elliston and Paul Fletcher MP, the Parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Communications is visiting Elliston today to talk with local residents, he joins me now. Good morning.

Paul: Good Morning Sarah.

Host: What are the communication problems that have been identified so far?

Paul: Well, as you said I’m here in Elliston with my parliamentary colleague Rowan Ramsey, Member for Grey who’s been a very strong advocate for the communication needs of communities in his electorate including Elliston and the issue that people have been talking to me about here in Elliston this morning is the restrictions on the availability of broadband so we’ve met with the school principal, we’ve been to visit the hospital and the clinic and heard about how slow broadband for example makes it hard to access patient records.

Monday, 03 November 2014 00:00

Upskilling Bradfield's Child Care Educators

Child care educators in Bradfield are among more than 50,000 long day care educators across Australia set to benefit from a $200 million Federal Government investment in professional development.

Authorised by Paul Fletcher MP, Level 2, 280 Pacific Highway Lindfield NSW 2070.

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